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.uk rights of registration coming to an end

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When the .uk domain was released, .uk rights of registration were reserved for owners of existing eligible domains within the .uk domain family. These domains are automatically reserved by Nominet until 06.00BST on 25 June 2019, as long as the domain remains registered.

What happens if I don’t register my .uk domain?

After 25 June 2019, all remaining unclaimed right of registrations will expire. However, they will not immediately become available for anyone to register.
Nominet will be publishing lists of those domain names, and releasing them in batches. The first batch will be made available for registration on a first come, first served basis on 1 July 2019. The nature and size of these batches has yet to be decided, but they will be made public closer to the time along with actual release times on that date.

Why register a .uk domain?

In years gone by having a domain extension that showed your customers where your business operated was a vital ranking factor for search engines. Google would see that a website had a .uk domain name and boost its rankings for UK-based searches. Although domain names are no longer a search engine ranking factor, choosing the right domain extension is still just as important and there are many reasons to register a .uk domain name, especially if you already own the equivalent .co.uk version.

What are the benefits of a .uk domain?

• Focus on your brand with a short, sharp extension
• Build UK focused branding that your audience can identify with
• Protect your online identity from rivals and domain squatters

How to find out if you have .uk rights of registration

If you already have a co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk or .ltd.uk domain, Nominet may have reserved the equivalent .uk for you. Please go here https://www.theukdomain.uk/uk-rights-registration/ to find out.

For more information about .uk domains and how it affects you, either call us on 01453 839192, email to sales@dwdc.co.uk or click here to use our contact form.

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