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The new LinkedIn App – for a better mobile experience

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The new LinkedIn App has come a long way since the first one was launched back in 2008.

The new LinkedIn App has been rebuilt from scratch to develop a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies the LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn has made it as easy as possible to connect to the user’s professional network and stay informed about the most relevant conversations and content.

The App has been streamlined into five core areas — Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging, and Search.

Your Feed (Home)

This is content from the user’s network to help with their ‘professional day’. It’s based on what LinkedIn determine is most relevant for the user’s industry, function, and skills combined with what conversations and content is cared about. For the first time LinkedIn are going to ask the user what content they are interested in – and over time they can also unfollow things that are less valuable to them.


Represents the users ‘professional brand’. This is where the user can see all things about themselves — who’s viewed their profile, who is commenting on, or sharing their posts. It also offers the most intuitive way of updating a user profile that LinkedIn have ever had, so it’s easy spruce up a professional profile to keep things fresh.

My Network

A daily briefing of what’s happening in a user’s professional network – so they can see in seconds people they may know, new posts from their network and suggestions to keep connected. For example, it will offer prompts to say congratulations to a connection celebrating a new role or work anniversary, or send a message to someone in their network when they have written a post on LinkedIn.

By syncing the user’s calendar it will also help them get knowledge for their next meeting. They’ll be prompted to look at the profile of the person they are meeting with that day, with details on what shared connections or shared interests they have.


Abandons email in favor of a more casual way to stay in touch, allowing the user to initiate quicker conversations in a lighter-weight interface. This makes it easy for them to ping someone in their network on a quick question or continue a conversation as they would in real life.


Now 300% faster, and a lot smarter – quickly find people, jobs and groups you’re looking for. For example, search for jobs with the title “Gold” and get results before you even finish typing.

Where to get the new LinkedIn App?

For Apple users click here (takes you to an external site – the App Store)
For Android users click here (takes you to an external site – Google Play)


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On December 7, 2015

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