St George’s Hospital Charity Legacy Leaflet

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PROJECT: Legacy Leaflet

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October 30, 2015

St George's Hospital Charity Legacy Leaflet

The Legacy Leaflet produced for St George’s Hospital Charity allows them to promote a ‘soft’ ask to leave a legacy, or a part of a will, to the hospital charity.

Every charity depends heavily on legacy income and most charities receive at least half of their income from legacies. St George’s Hospital Charity identified a need to re-establish a strong legacy message to local people, to will-writing solicitors and others involved in explaining the beneficial effects to the donor, and others, of a well-planned and often tax-efficient philanthropic gift.

Legacy Leaflet target audience and positioning

Legacies are written at key life stages (marriage, house purchase, birth of children, retirement planning, etc) and as such should appeal to all ages and demographics. The decision to leave a gift to charity is not always done at a later stage in life, often it happens at a key life stage.

The charity’s newly established fundraising vision is to generate more legacy income than any other hospital charity in London over the next 5 years as a cumulative sum. This Legacy Leaflet, following our new corporate style, is designed to be thoughtful and non-medical. It also has an aspirational or alternatively high minded tone to reflect the thought and consideration of how a fruitful and productive life can lead to a difference at a local hospital – often one which the legator has a direct relationship with. They or a relative may have been well treated at St George’s Hospital or Queen Mary’s Hospital.

St George's Hospital Charity Legacy Leaflet pages 2 and 3

Click here to download St George’s Hospital Charity Leaflet as a pdf


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