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CLIENT: Peer Professionals

PROJECT: Web site

January 5, 2015

Peer Professionals - a small business web site

Peer Professionals – a classic small business web site, was produced to promote the activities of this professional services consultancy.

The landing page contains a series of slider images, linking to their respective individual pages. Below the slider is marketing text. To further encourage the viewer to click through, the page then has three page link areas with an excerpt from the page copy.

Contents of this small business web site

Consisting of just 8 pages, the site has a landing page which links through to an ‘about me’ page, a ‘services’ overview page, a ‘blog’ page and finally a ‘contact’ page. The ‘services’ overview page links through to the three main business areas of the consultancy.

  • Finding the right business professionals
  • Extra-ordinary management
  • Helping you run your business

As with all the sites we produce, there is also a ‘legal’ page which contains the business’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookie policy and copyright notice.

Below are some of the pages from this small business web site.


Peer Professionals - a small businees web site


Peer Professionals - 'about me' page


Peer Professionals - 'extra-ordinary management'


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