Siloette labels

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PROJECT: Siloette Labels

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January 8, 2015

  • Siloette labels

Siloette is an innovative logging and pattern recognition system that makes sense of water use patterns. The rugged unit is designed to be used in below ground chambers such as boundary and wall boxes with Siloette labels branding the product.

We were asked to design, source and supply suitable self-adhesive labels which would stand up to the rigours of the planned usage and be waterproof, yet be printed on a clear material to allow viewing of pulses arriving at the unit.

The labels are printed onto a clear gloss permanent self-adhesive vinyl with UV inks in 4 process colours plus 2 white ink printings to give the design required, along with the robustness needed for the application. The range of colours allows our client to easily differentiate between end users and locations.

Siloette labels

Siloette Label colours

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