Donation Envelope – St George’s Hospital Charity

CLIENT: St George's Hospital Charity

PROJECT: General Fundraising Leaflet

PROJECT: Legacy Leaflet

PROJECT: Donation Envelope

PROJECT: Schools Fundraising Leaflet

June 6, 2015

Donation Envelope - St George's Hospital Charity

A sealable donation envelope for event attendees to place either paper or coin money, or cheques. The donation envelope can be used at black tie dinners, or funeral collections, so the tone of the donation envelope needs to be valid for all situations – happy and sad. This was the brief’s requirement, it then continued:

Purpose: To produce a robust, sealable means for donors to place money in a discreet way.

Target Audience: Various: Staff, visitors, patients – all

Positioning: At events or in public facing holders

Benefits: Professional, promoting the brand, promoting the work of the charity and the difference a small donation can make to the charity’s work

Response: Awareness raising, securing and assuring of continued support between charity and supporter, helping supporters and interested parties understand our work better and the impact of the support we receive. Encouraging both donations and permission to collect Gift Aid.

Here are flat images of the St George’s Hospital Charity donation envelope front and back.


Donation Envelope front – St George’s Hospital Charity


Donation Envelope back – St George’s Hospital Charity


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