Colourfence Leaflet

CLIENT: Climar Limited

December 30, 2014

Colourfence Leaflet

Colourfence will protect your property with one of the world’s most advanced steel products and this Colourfence leaflet tells the product’s story to the potential customer.

It’s only natural to want a home looking its best. When making a home a pleasant place to enjoy with family and friends, maintaining a timber fence can be an unwanted annual distraction. That’s where Colourfence comes in, enhancing property and providing an elegant frame for gardens with minimum effort. Requiring no maintenance, Colourfence will retain its finish for years, making boundaries look better for longer.

Beneath the steel’s surface, market-leading technology guarantees long life and good looks. Testing 17,000 samples annually at exposure sites around the world ensures Colorbond steel can withstand extremely harsh climates and it’s backed by a comprehensive twenty five year guarantee.


Colourfence Leaflet


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