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PROJECT: Callidus Web Site

March 22, 2015

Callidus web site

The Callidus web site was produced and developed working with the concept of patterns and mathematical references. Using WordPress and a basic theme, we developed the site into a sophisticated and unique delivery vehicle with ‘chatty’ copy, quirky titles and animation. The site also featured a ‘tune’ page with regularly changed music videos which had a reference to patterns or mathematics.

Landing page ‘HELLO’

Featuring animated slider at the top with randomly rotating pattern images linking to ‘WHO’, ‘WHAT’ and ‘HOW’ pages. The footer contained the Callidus Twitter feed along with a changeable hashtag feed relating to mathematics.

Callidus web site home page

‘WHO’ page

A page about the company and how they wished to operate, linking through to a statistics page with regularly changing twitter hashtag stats.

Callidus web site 'WHO' page

‘WHAT’ page

A page about the areas the company worked in, with an animated graphic explaining their strengths.

Callidus web site 'WHAT' page

‘HOW’ page

HOW Callidus work with an animated white board graphic showing thoughts and processes.

Callidus web site 'HOW' page

Callidus web site Siloette page

Showcasing the innovative logging and pattern recognition system from Callidus.

Callidus web site Siloette page

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