Callidus booklet for notes and concepts

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PROJECT: Callidus Booklet

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January 7, 2015

Callidus Booklet

To help promote the concepts underpinning how Callidus operates, we decided to produce the multi-purpose spiral-bound Callidus booklet.

The majority of the booklet pages are suitable for note taking and formulating concepts, with the remainder of the booklet pages being used to explore relevant mathematical concepts and quotations through typography and design.

Concepts such as “Turning data into information and information into real insight” and “We try for elevated thinking to produce a better view and understanding” and quotes such as “inspiration does exist but it needs to find you working” Picasso.

Callidus help reveal invaluable business insights using mathematical and statistical analysis by extracting maximum value from datasets.

Callidus booklet cover and inside page

Callidus Booklet

Page graphic

Callidus Booklet

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