Brit Sec Wireless Surveillance Brochure

CLIENT: Brit Sec Limited

PROJECT: Wireless Surveillance and Security Systems Brochure

March 23, 2018

Brit Sec Wireless Surveillance Brochure

The Brit Sec Wireless Surveillance brochure is designed to introduce potential clients to the ever-expanding range of exciting new wireless surveillance and security systems arriving on the market.

We chose to use an unusual landscape format, 240mm x 170mm to maximise the impact of the brochure and allow us to easily show images of the various systems at work.

Brit Sec Wireless Surveilance brochure

Brit Sec Wireless Surveillance and Security

Unlike traditional CCTV and Intruder Detection systems which are ‘hard wired’, wireless systems are stand-alone, or networked, units which communicate to a monitoring centre in various ways. The units contain a wireless radio transmitter which broadcasts Images and alarms to a local receiver which can be a computer, tablet device or our dedicated base station with 4G or satellite connectivity to the Brit Sec monitoring centre. Some cameras are configured to communicate directly to the control centre using dual data networks on the mobile phone network.

Brit Sec also use the latest technologies to power units, from solar power to lithium polymer batteries giving reliability and long stand-by times.
Once a suspicious activity has been viewed, or alarm raised, the 24-hour control centre can quickly dispatch a Brit Sec security team to the given location, or where necessary, call the police. This means that incidents can be dealt with swiftly and any resulting damage or theft can be minimised.

Click here to view a PDF flip book of the brochure


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