Gill Sans Nova - one of the Eric Gill Series from Monotype

Gill Sans remastered for the digital age

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Gill Sans, one of our favourite typefaces has been remastered in the new Eric Gill series from Monotype. It has 77 fonts in three typeface families – Gill Sans® Nova, Joanna® Nova and Joanna Sans Nova.

The series is a fresh take and expansion of one of our, and the world’s, most popular typefaces of all time, Gill Sans, along with Joanna, originally designed in the 1920s and 30s by artist and typeface designer, Eric Gill.

Gill Sans has graced the world’s visual culture for decades with prominent appearances in brand identities such as the BBC, British Railways, Penguin Books, John Lewis, and Net-A-Porter, among many others.

The Eric Gill series features the work of four Monotype typeface designers – Steve Matteson, George Ryan, Ben Jones and Terrance Weinzierl – who collaborated across different parts of the globe. They drew on Monotype’s rich heritage and expertise to reinvigorate Gill’s body of work – and bring the designs into the 21st century for use in a broad range of digital and print applications.

Steve Matteson, creative type director at Monotype who oversaw the Eric Gill series project said, “Appreciation for type and design has expanded beyond the creative community and is now an important element of nearly everyone’s daily lives. We thought it was the perfect time for Monotype to take one of the most popular typefaces of all time and provide an enhanced palette of typographic possibilities for today’s designers.”

During Gill’s time, brands and advertisers reached consumers through printed materials like newspapers and magazines. But now the world is digital, extending far beyond print and into a wide range of connected devices, from smartphones and laptops to tablets, e-readers and automotive displays. The new Eric Gill series brings the beauty and unique characteristics of Gill’s original designs for use in a multitude of modern environments.

Many added touches in the series were influenced by Gill himself, thanks to a rich inventory of original drawings and materials Gill left behind, stored in Monotype’s historical archive.

Eric Gill Series typefaces

Gill Sans Nova

Gill Sans Nova

Designer: George Ryan of Monotype
Number of fonts: 43 (up from 18 in the original Gill Sans) from ultra light to ultra bold, in addition to a full suite of new condensed weights
New display weights: a suite of six inline weights, as well as shadowed outline fonts revived from the original design that was never digitized, and the Gill Sans Nova Deco typeface, previously withdrawn from the Monotype library
Language support: Latin-based, Greek and Cyrillic (Latin-based only for display weights)
OpenType® feature support for fine typography, as well as stylized characters from different points in Gill Sans’s long history

Joanna Nova

Joanna Nova

Designer: Ben Jones of Monotype
Number of fonts: 18 (up from six in the original Joanna), from thin to ultra black
Language support: Latin-based languages, Greek and Cyrillic
OpenType® feature support for fine typography, including small caps for all scripts, numeral options and context-sensitive ligatures

Joanna Sans Nova

Joanna Sans Nova

Designer: Terrance Weinzierl of Monotype
Number of fonts: 16, from thin to black
Language support: Latin-based languages, Greek and Cyrillic
OpenType® feature support for fine typography, such as small caps, ligatures, old style and proportional figures, fractions, superscript/subscript figures

The Eric Gill series will be available from, or


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